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Idea behind the project

PHP have many libs and REP is powerfull... (well how could it be otherwise - it's a lisp dialect after all). So, let's join them.

How it works

Two functions are defined. One for PHP and one for REP. I suppose thise two are the core minimum. Example that combines both:
$r=rep_eval('(+ 7 (eval-php "$a") (eval-php "$b"))');
echo "Doing the math : $a + $b + 7 is $r<br/>\n";
That will produce (as one might expect):
Doing the math : 3 + 5 + 7 is 15<br/>

As you see thise two functions perform data conversions after the given code evaluates. PHP's and librep's data structures are automatically converted.

Where do I get it ?

Download available at sourceforge.
You can go directly to download section.
It's possible to view CVS online.

Current project status

Stalled. Unlikely to continue in near future.

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Copyright 2003 Ilya Sher. The software is GPL licensed.

Last update : 2009-03-31
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